Stay Safe at a Coronado, CA Clean & Safe Hotel or Resort

Answers to Frequent Questions about Coronado.

What’s been changed inside hotel rooms to ensure your health and safety?

We have implemented hotel room protection systems that begin with hospital-grade disinfection and new cleaning protocols. This includes extra attention to high-touch areas, easy access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in your room. Extra bed linens, pillows, robes, throw pillows and large quantities of towels are removed. (Fear not, your room will have plenty of towels and the amenities you need.) When possible, the room is sealed for 24 hours prior to your stay. Often times, adjacent rooms are unoccupied to promote distancing. 

Some resorts have rolled out enhanced technologies including electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout the hotel. Our resorts are testing ultraviolet light technology for sanitizing guest keys and devices shared by associates.

What have Coronado resorts done to reduce touch points?

We’ve streamlined our online (and contactless) reservations, check-ins, and payment systems so there’s less for you to touch. In many cases, a mobile app on your phone can be used for room access, messaging with our housekeeping or front-desk staff, making dinner reservations and even replacing the television remote.

What is expected of you, as a resort guest?

To stop the spread of covid-19, your help is needed. Wearing a mask is encouraged outside of your room, except when eating or drinking a beverage. In-room dining encouraged to reduce your contact with others. Contactless options are available to you. Practicing safe distancing in common areas will protect you and others. Request daily room cleaning only if necessary. This also protects you. Refrain from traveling, if you have, or recently had, any symptoms of covid-19 or have had contact with anyone diagnosed with covid-19.

You’ll see plenty of safety signage so everyone is reminded of rules and regulations.

Has air ventilation and water purification been addressed?

Although COVID-19 is not transmitted by air flow (but from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth when an infected person coughs or exhales), strict attention is given to monitoring the condition of ventilation filters and maintaining the proper replacement rate of indoor air. The proper functioning of ventilation, air exchange, and dehumidification equipment of covered pools is also checked.

Each of Coronado resorts provide safe and sustainable solutions to manage risks associated with waterborne pathogens, including Legionella. They conduct frequent water and air containment testing and always follow CDC procedures to ensure proper ventilation and filtration.

What new event protocols are there for meeting planners?

Think of your group meeting representatives as choreographers/​orchestrators, handling every detail, with flexibility and the intent of aiding you in conducting a safe and compliant meeting.

  • Adhering to a Duty of Care for attendee wellness at all times
  • Re-skilling of resort staff to safety standards, state guidelines and planner expectations
  • Utilizing virtual meeting technology to promote safety, participation and convenience.
  • Meeting room capacity confirmed with planners to ensure proper physical distancing is met 
  • Willingness to create hybrid events that minimize contact but provide meaningful content
  • Number of attendees determined based on local guidelines 
  • Tables, chairs and equipment properly disinfected 
  • At present time our resorts are not offering buffets. If and when buffets return, they will likely be attended and served by hotel team members 
  • We will work with planners to create menu variety and creative breaks using individually wrapped items in disposable to go eco-friendly containers 
  • Coffee, tea and the accompaniments, served by a hotel team member 
  • Wherever possible beverages served in single served vessels (bottled water, soft drinks and juices) 
  • Lines for bars and meals properly marked to adhere to physical distancing 
  • Meals served in the same room as the meeting
  • Utensils either individually wrapped or rolled up and handed out by a hotel team member.

How are hotel staff monitored and trained to ensure cleanliness?

According to the CDC and WHO, face coverings/​masks serve as a protection measure for others vs. you. Our team members are required to wear face coverings. They also wear gloves when appropriate. All vendors are required to wear a face covering/​mask and gloves whenever they are in our resorts. All team members and vendors undergo temperature scans prior to entering the property, using thermal no-touch temperature scanners. No team member or vendor with a fever of 100.4 or greater is admitted to the building or be permitted to return to the hotel until they have gone 72 hours fever-free, without the use of fever suppressants.

Bilingual signage is posted in areas where our staff frequently enter or exit. It reminds them of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose masks, use gloves, wash hands, sneeze and to avoid touching their faces. It even addresses restroom protocols, eating, drinking and handling items from a guest (such as identification, cash, credit cards and room keys.)

How has dining changed inside Coronado resorts?

Yes, so you stay safe. Indoor dining is allowed, up to 50% capacity. You must wear a mask until seated. Outdoor seating at our dining outlets has been carefully arranged to comply with government guidelines. Meals to go are readily available and in-room dining (room service) is a great option because it requires no contact with room service staff.

Are restaurants and shops open in downtown Coronado?

Yes! Restaurants offer shaded outdoor dining as well as meals to go. Our shops and stores are also open with an indoor capacity of 50%. Masks are encouraged by the State in all shops and stores.

Looking for lots of safe things to do in Coronado? We’ve created a 4‑day itinerary full of clean and fun activities, take a look here!

Are the beaches, pools, spas and fitness rooms open?

Coronado beaches are open, but mask usage and social distancing is enforced. Large events, sports and groups are prohibited. Hotel pools are mostly open, but food/​beverage service is case by case. The distancing of lounge chairs/​seating is meant to protect everyone. Mask wearing is required when not swimming or consuming food/​beverages. At this time, spas/​salons/​fitness centers are closed to comply with state health guidance.

Why is Coronado Island considered more safe than other destinations?

1) Coronado is charming little town, with a small population…not a crowded or urban metropolis.

2) Coronado’s coastline features spacious beaches with plenty of sunshine and ocean air.

3) Coronado is surrounded by water, socially distance by paddleboard, boat, kayak or by swimming.

4) Coronado is flat, so walking, biking, rollerblading, scootering and jogging is easy.

5) Coronado’s shops, restaurants and services mandate mask usage and enforce social distancing.

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Fly safely! The San Diego International Airport has established new protocols to protect you.

We ask that you wear a mask and socially-distance yourself as you discover Coronado at one of our clean & safe resorts. We look forward to having you drive here with your family soon!